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The Warning Signs that You Need a Website Redesign

You find that at one point or the other every website will need to be redesigned. Now the main problem is that most of the people does not understand how they can know that they should start redesigning the websites. If you are looking forward to knowing when you can redesign your website, you should check it out! on this warning signs.

To start with, you should check for a website that is slow to load. You find that when your website is loading quickly you will be confident that large number of people are visiting and leaving your website. You should know that most of the people will always expect you website to load quickly and if they cannot get that speed they will be leaving very quickly. For you to accurately know the time your website takes to load you should use PageSpeed Insights tool. With this tool, you will be in a position to find out the amount of time a certain page on your site takes to load. In addition, it will also help you in knowing what you need to do to boost the loading time.

In addition, you should also redesign when people find it hard to locate important information. You can easily identify this by checking the review pane on some of the complaints about locating certain information. In addition, you will be in a position to know that people are having hard time locating important information when they seem to be clicking around and visiting the same pages over and over again.

Apart from that, you should also redesign when your website does not work on all the devices. One thing that you should know is that when your website can only be accessed through the computer, it will mean that you are eliminating a lot of people. To be on the safe side, you should make sure that your site can be accessed on all the devices.

In addition, it is also essential that you redesign your website when it does not look good on a mobile device. You find that it will bring a lot of contradiction when your website look different in a desktop and in a mobile device. In this case, it will be required that you ensure that your visitors see the same thing whether they are using a desktop or a mobile phone.

Apart from that, you will also need to redesign your website when you have updated your brand. It is essential to note that the updated brand will have to pick new colours that are different from the old ones and you will have to make your viewers feel that they are not lost.

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