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These Top 8 Dexterity Games Can Help You Train Your Fingers

Too much of anything is poisonous and although gaming can be so much fun, too much of it is not good for your fingers and can even lead to a painful, frustrating condition called carpal tunnel syndrome. You can solve this by playing some dexterity games such as these ones listed below to improve the dexterity in your fingers. To get more info. about these games, read more here.

One such game is ‘Jenga’. This game requires more skill than luck and for a win, one needs a lot of dexterity in their fingers to remove the pieces without tumbling the tower.

Another such game is ‘push it’. One has to get the puck to the position closest to the central jack as much as possible to have won in this game. Also much required is a lot of control on the player’s side.

Another such game is ‘Flick ’em up’. One needs to have very fast fingers in this disc-flicking game. It is a great game to play with your friends and compete on who is the fastest.

The fourth game is’ Rampage’. The game is also known as ‘Terror in Meeple city’. This game also requires a lot of finesse and control in addition to strength, and these can be used in real life situations.

Dungeon Fighter is another game that will help your fingers learn some dexterity. One needs to establish a connection with the other players to enable them to work together to defeat an ancient evil. One needs a lot of skill if they are to survive the dungeon.

The sixth interesting game you get to play is ‘pitchcar’. The game involves flicking past other drivers as you drive yourself to victory and also creating a racetrack from your imagination that will give the other drivers a hard time to try and navigate it.

Last but not least, we have ‘tumblin-dice’. From the name itself, it involves tumbling down the tiers of dice that you have built . One can choose the level of easiness or difficulty they would prefer from the customizing options it offers.

‘Junk art’ would be the last game. This game is almost like the reverse of Jenga since one has to come up with a way of building something great from their mass of junk by using their hand of cards.

You can, therefore, check out any of these eight games next time you want to play but also need to take a break from your extensive gaming. It is also a great way of gaining dexterous fingers.