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Best Investment Quotes from Well- Known Investors That Put Things into Perspective

When you invest in the stock markets, you will encounter a lot of uncertainties. There are many investors who have raked in a lot of money from their investments in the stock market whereas there are others who have lost. This article is going to provide you with more info about some of the best investment quotes given by the most influential investors in the world.

Harry Markowitz is a great contributor to the modern portfolio theory despite not being the wealthiest investors ever. One of the best investment quotes to investors was that they should diversify and never forget that the past is not necessarily like the future. Warren Buffett is another successful investor who started out a very young age and is known for giving huge donations to charities. His investment quotes was that you should ensure you buy quality merchandise when it’s marked down, and this does not matter whether you are buying socks or stocks. Another investor who gives one of the best investment quotes is not Donald Bren who is a successful real estate investor whereby he said that his primary areas of focus are two and they are open space conservation and education which would not change but remain his priorities in the future.

The other top investments quotes was given by Michael Milken who was an incredibly successful investor where he said that from his experience he had learned that most people who had great wealth did not originally have wealth creation as their goal but was only a byproduct of their initial goal. Another investor from Hungary known as George Soros once said that the only reason that he was rich is that he recognized his mistakes when he was wrong. The other top investment quote was made by Carl Icahn was a special economic advisor to President Donald Trump who once said that a person was in business learns that if they want a friend, they should get a dog. David Rubenstein once said that investors must persist and said that it is not wise for someone to sit at the desk taking no risks because they might stay there for 20 years. Another top investment quote was given by Ray Dalio who said that if you want to succeed, you must always believe you’re correct and never notice your blind spots. Alisher Usmanov gives credits for success by saying that you should trust your instinct due to the experience that you have gained over the years buying shares.

Carlos Slim will among the wealthiest individuals at the moment once said that those who were not investing now were missing out on tremendous opportunities. From the many quotes above, you realize that money is not everything when you’re investing if you want to see more investments quotes, visit this site.